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You don’t walk in & out of someone’s life.


if you’re out, stay out. If you’re in, stay in.


Cut by the Light. 
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Cut by the Light.Β 

God baby Marya 😘😍
Apr 21, 2014

God baby Marya 😘😍

Apr 21, 2014

4/21/14 is the start of a new me.

I got hired as an Esthetician at a very busy salon with great learning opportunities. && I’m single, I’ve let go of someone who was no good for me, someone who did not care, someone who has put my life in danger for his pleasure. So when I say this day will go down and a new beginning, I mean it!

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All I want is a 6’6 black boy with some sense but god won’t bless me

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My God Daughter. 😘
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My God Daughter. 😘

Apr 19, 2014

The shit you find out about the people you fall in love with….. Hurts!

I’m heartbroken but I’ll get over this…

Made Deep Fried Oreos w/ @mrs_hagler23 && @zaboo20  😊
Apr 18, 2014

Made Deep Fried Oreos w/ @mrs_hagler23 && @zaboo20 😊

Apr 16, 2014

I’m pretty sure I’m slowly losing my mind.

I’m overly discouraged at the fact I can not find a job being a newly graduate. I feel like I need more school. Maybe I should go back and finish getting my Vet Tech certification or maybe go to become a Medical Assistant so I can work in a plastic surgeon office or for a Dermatologist.
Yes this schooling would get me far but I will still struggle to get a job because I will once again be a newly graduate.
How the hell do employers expect you to have any form of experience if NO one is willing to get you started.

Yeah I somewhat have my foot in the door because I’ve become extremely close to the Estheticians at the spa I work at now, and they are willing to put in a good word for me when they hear about any openings in the industry.

But Arizona is so fucking small!

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How normal girls laugh vs. My laugh


I have the most over the top laugh.

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